Monday, March 20, 2017


Having used my river story for yesterday's
Haibun, I offer instead this prayer with
its allusion to the river of time.
Submitted to dVerse Poetics
March 21, 2017

Oh God of poets,
He/She who shepherds the
      river of time and oversees currents
        and white waters of life
visit me tonight with mind-blowing
      phrases of wonderfulness.    
        guide my pen to philosophical
            profundities and psychological
 plant scintillating and sparkling repartee’
       in the pens of those of us
          with word addiction.
Let me eloquently speak of pulchritude
         and thoughtfully of solitude.
beknight me with the
      wisdom of the ages and,
        if possible, put it in rhyme.
bestow vocabulary acuity
       and grammatical alacrity;
         and, if it’s not too much,
          keep me humble. 



  1. An excellent ode on a day like this, may linguistic rivers flow for all of us.

  2. A poet's prayer!
    'plant scintillating and sparkling repartee’
    in the pens of those of us
    with word addiction'

  3. Well tis alright when you have a direct line ;)

    Seems your prayers were answered Beverly.

    Thank You for invoking the Creator. Perhaps he/she will come along to the pub this evening to inspire us all.

    Good job I brought along some of the 'good stuff' ;)

  4. Teehee. This is just too much fun.

  5. what an endearing write! i had a good time with your prayer. but, i'm afraid there's no hope for us bibliophiles and poets. lol

  6. Lovely, timely & bang on, for the "river of time" is all things, whether flooding us with creative energy, or poking us into limbo, those log jams where no words can live.

  7. My prayer exactly. I sometimes forget the humble part at the end to my own loss.

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  9. A most beautiful and serene prayer ❤️

  10. this was very touching prayer. asking to always be inspired by life's beauty, you have such a tenderness with words

  11. Wow, an amazing prayer Bev! Love this one~

  12. I love the link between rivers and prayer. Well done.

  13. And the god of poets answered all your prayers. This is wonderful to read, kiddo!

  14. I love it! Thank you for creating it for us all, and may we all be answered!

  15. Great prayer. I think we all make it, to whoever/whatever we pray to, every time we sit down in front of the page. And I love the way you skewer yourself at the end. Well done.

  16. Excellent! This should be read by every poet in this world. ❤