Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Wednesday Scribblings, and Magaly asks us to
write words inspired by the phrase "Things were
different back then".  My country beginnings and
city life are a comparison of "back then" and
today in this poem I wrote a few years ago. The
photo is of my parents in their courting days, and
the lyrics were of their favorite song.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
July 8, 2020

I love the old ways and sayings
I’m a country girl at heart
But there are some modern conveniences
With which I would not part.

I love it when my garage door
Flies open when I appear
I wouldn’t have much patience
Getting out in the cold, I fear.

I wouldn’t want to have to
Iron each shirt and dress.
I always extol the virtues
Of no-iron and permanent press.

I love my old-time fireplace
It makes me feel so good
But I guess I wouldn’t like it
If I had to chop the wood.

My trips to the supermarket
Are a daily event, it seems
I’m sure I’d have to think twice
If I had to hitch up the team.

It’s so nice to go to the kitchen
And find milk and eggs just there
I guess it wouldn’t be my forte’
For the cow and hen to care.

Oh, how I love my shower
I enjoy my nightly scrub
I wouldn’t want to exchange it
For carrying water to fill a tub.

I love my coffee grinder
And my stone crock is pretty to see
But these things are just to look upon
And not to be used by me.

I dream of moonlight sleigh rides
In a one-horse open sleigh
But, once I arrived at the nice warm house
Who’d feed the horse his hay?

I remember the calls of nature
That required a trip down the path
There’s no way I want to go back to that
And give up my nice warm bath.

I guess I just like to read stories
Of the way it used to be.
In my heart, I think I’m country
But I’m city as I can be.


  1. Not to mention the availability of hot water without a woodstove, eh?
    Well done!

  2. Certainly my favourite paragraph

    "I wouldn’t want to have to
    Iron each shirt and dress.
    I always extol the virtues
    Of no-iron and permanent press."

    Happy Wednesday Bev

    much love...

  3. Nostalgia isn't the most objective of thinkers, is she? I, too, miss my country living, but the thought of living where I grew up--no electricity, no plumbing--during pandemic times makes me shudder. You are so right. Thinking about the way things used to be is nice and sweet, especially when we realize that we no longer have to do it.

  4. LOL, I think all of us are a little guilty of romanticizing things from time to time. When I was in my Anne of Green Gables phase as a kid, I'd swoon over all things Victorian. A little reading of history books tempered that sentiment, though like Anne, I still like a fun puffed sleeve look.

  5. A fun read, Bev!
    I don't care for city life, but I wouldn't want to go the full wilderness experience either – not as a daily thing. My small rural town has the modern comforts and conveniences, I'm very glad to say.

  6. This is good! Sometimes I am nostalgic for the "good old days" or think I should have been born in the 40s, but I am very happy for things like indoor plumbing and washing machines!

  7. This was a fun ride, my young life replayed before me. I grew up on a farm, we didn't have electricity and running water until I was five. And I rode a horse three miles to a country school that had a high school for my freshman and sophomore years. After that I drove my dad's pickup for the last two.
    We had the outhouse out behind a chicken house at the edge of the grove. I was afraid of the dark so my little sister went with me if I would let her hold the flashlight.
    I would not trade them in but I do like city life. And my horse, it is a Mustang that burns gasoline, not hot and sweaty at all.

  8. Sadly the simplicity of living today is not that good for us if things go wrong. I haven't got candles if the power fails and don't fancy using a tin opener to spoon out the food direct into my mouth! What a great poem this is.

  9. I was born and raised in cities, but I found my way home to the countryside almost thirty years ago and never looked back. Like you, Bev, I love my old-time fireplace but I’m no good at chopping wood, and I love my shower too!

  10. This is absolutely delightful, Bev!💝 I especially love; "Oh, how I love my shower I enjoy my nightly scrub/I wouldn’t want to exchange it/For carrying water to fill a tub."

  11. I absolutely adore the last stanza. Maybe country at heart, but actually city through and through. Many of us are like that. I can relate! :)

  12. Non-iron and permanent press......the best things (apart from my kids) in my life. Your poem makes me grateful for everything!!

  13. Love the contrasts back and forth in this, Bev!