Wednesday, June 27, 2018


We’re asked to take a look at ourselves
this week at Poets United.   I’ve been
in absentia for a time, on a journey to
rediscover my elusive muse, but here
are some thoughts on me!
Submitted to Midweek Motif Poets United
June 27, 2018
Contemplating myself is scary
And leaves me considerably wary
But, fighting an urge for refusal,
I undertake a quick perusal

It seems I’ve retained my cognition
But suffer a bit from physical attrition
I try to avoid my reflection
Being uncomfortable with close inspection

Who is that, I think, with hair of gray
She was young and feisty just yesterday
She was a fast-paced multi-tasker
She had all the answers, just ask her

Straight and tall, she was rather well-built
Today she walks with a forward tilt
Slower in step than in days of yore
Now young men call her ma’am and open the door

She’s older today and wonderfully wise
Still young at heart, but now in disguise.