Wednesday, May 16, 2018


We’re to consider “happiness” for
this week’s Midweek Motif.  I am
blessed, and seem to have a working
acquaintance with happiness.
Submitted to Poets United
May 16, 2018

Could it be happiness is elusive
        hidden by thoughts obtrusive
While dwelling on discontent
        and wondering where happy went
Perhaps we expect too much…
        glorious grand moments and such
Meanwhile quiet moments of  pleasure
        could bring happiness beyond measure
But we carelessly pass them by
        while we're looking for “pie in the sky”.

The photo is of an Oregon sunrise taken
by my daughter.

Monday, May 7, 2018


Old abandoned houses always make me wax poetic
and wonder where are they now, how did their lives
unfold, and what memories drift in the dust
particles behind empty windows.
Here's a bit of rhyme submitted to dVerse, where
we're asked to consider the art of learning.  I continue
to learn the nuances of poetry from my fellow poets
here, and I am STILL trying to learn to negotiate
Photoshop for use in creating my digital art.
Submitted to Tuesday Poetics #220
May 8, 2018