Monday, November 26, 2018


Haibun Monday at dVerse, and the
subject to ponder is “Wait”. 
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November 27, 2018

The word that goes hand in hand with “wait”
is “patience”, which is said to be a virtue.  My
sainted mother always said I was behind the
door when patience was handed out, and I seem to
have little tolerance for waiting.  There is one place,
however, where I have succeeded in overcoming
my lack of patience for waiting … at the grocery
store.  Some wise marketer deemed it wise to
place the rack of tabloid magazines at checkouts.
While I would NEVER purchase one, I am quite
happy to stand in line perusing them for juicy
tidbits about my favorite celebrities, such knowledge
to pass along at next lunch with lady friends.  If the
headlines are especially appealing, I’ve been known
to choose the longest check-out line!  In most
situations, waiting is sure to find me sighing and
foot-tapping, but grocery shopping, on the other hand,
is an educational experience!
never mind the wait
tabloids are entertaining
my little secret

Thursday, November 8, 2018


We’re Meeting the Bar at dVerse, and considering
the use of metaphors.  What better time of year
to practice metaphoring!
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November 8, 2018


It’s a typical late autumn day.  Clouds fleeing rogue
breezes skitter across  a delphinium sky tossing their
white skirts like ladies hurrying to the fancy dance ball.
The maple, crimson only a week ago, now stands bereft,
its bare limbs like arms akimbo, its crimson skirts fallen
to a fading pool at its feet.  The birds travel in twittering
groups, swirling and swooping, their bags packed for
the journey south.  I breathe deep the crisp, invigorating
air…and I am grateful for the glories of yet another autumn.