Thursday, November 8, 2018


We’re Meeting the Bar at dVerse, and considering
the use of metaphors.  What better time of year
to practice metaphoring!
Submitted to dVerse
November 8, 2018


It’s a typical late autumn day.  Clouds fleeing rogue
breezes skitter across  a delphinium sky tossing their
white skirts like ladies hurrying to the fancy dance ball.
The maple, crimson only a week ago, now stands bereft,
its bare limbs like arms akimbo, its crimson skirts fallen
to a fading pool at its feet.  The birds travel in twittering
groups, swirling and swooping, their bags packed for
the journey south.  I breathe deep the crisp, invigorating
air…and I am grateful for the glories of yet another autumn. 


  1. Love the likening between the ladies in dresses to leaves... autumn can be this, here it's been a week of drizzle and dark.

  2. Such a lot of lovely colour and movement!

  3. Wow, this is one of your better poems, Bev. You mix metaphor and simile in lively and equal measure. Those flashing petticoats really caught my attention. Your words are superb, but I found myself putting in line breaks and reshaping it; smile.

  4. Your clouds brought up visions of a square dance with skirts swishing...

  5. I too love the crisp autumn smell. Love that skirts and the birds packing for the journey south.

  6. I like how you imagine women in skirts, and birds with bags - lovely imagery.

  7. Love the brilliant colors and smooth moves of this fall metaphor!

  8. You've captured movement and colour in this poem, Bev, and sounds, especially in 'breezes skitter across a delphinium sky tossing their
    white skirts' and 'birds travel in twittering groups, swirling and swooping'.

  9. love the lifted ladies skirts and packed bags, all pointing to an end of a season

  10. Your metaphors are brisk and joyful, so you create that mood. The joy of Autumn ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. Absoulutley Falltabulous!!! hehe. This is so dynamic and stunning, I often feel like trees are dancing with us all the time. I will have to make sure I get out for a dance with them today. So Well Done. Smiles and Breathes!

  12. I like the Maple with the crimson fallen skirt fading at its feet but best I like the poem as whole. I love autumn too.

  13. This was a fine bit of writing Beverly, and your metaphors were well conceived - I enjoyed this... :-) ...and thank you for visiting my site.

    ...rob from

  14. such an excellent poem.

    greeting-evi erlinda