Friday, April 15, 2022


FRIDAY WRITINGS   Magaly suggested we find something old and give it new life.  I found this golden oldie from my days as a lady executive longing for some peace and quiet.  Now I'm on the other side,  having the time to savor I longed for all that time ago.  There seems little that needs to be changed!  It's a nice reminder of how I looked forward to these quiet times....a peek at the me who used to be!   I'm sending good wishes to Magaly for a quick recovery!


As I speed along the highway

In the usual morning race

My thoughts turn back to other times

When life had a slower pace

When there was time for dreaming

And wriggling my toes in the mud

And close examination 

Of each leaf and flower and bud.

For listening to autumn breezes

As they rustled through fields of grain

And for smelling the wondrous fresh bouquet 

Of a late spring evening rain

For idling under a shade tree

When no one knew where I was

And studying the intricate mechanics

Of what makes bumblebees buzz.

For listening to trills of songbirds 

As they flit from tree to tree

While I looked for four-leaf clovers 

In grass like a great green sea.

It seems now my days are so busy

These pleasures are things of the past

I try to find time for dreaming

But life races by too fast

I think of the time when I’m older,

With time on my hands again.

How I’ll treasure those special moments

Much moreso than I did then.

For God in his infinite wisdom 

Has bestowed a very great favor

What in youth we take for granted

In old age we have time to savor.

Saturday, April 2, 2022


 Sunday Muse #205

I remember the diner

We sat in “our” booth

in the back

oblivious to everyone

Your eyes were

the bluest of blue,

your lips like

sun-ripened strawberries

waiting to be plucked

It was then we decided 

to be married

and to live




What happened

to those young lovers?

Where did it all

go wrong?

Our dreams like “our” booth

now empty and bereft

charred in the

pages of time 

Was it all

smoke and mirrors?