Monday, July 29, 2019


Open Link Night #268.  After sundown on a
cool evening, we enjoy a small bonfire in a
clearing in our neighboring woods.  It is a 
peaceful respite from the daily news.
Submitted to dVerse
August 8, 2019

Fingers of flame reach skyward and the scent of wood smoke soothes the senses. 
Concerns of the day follow sparks aloft, fading into the night sky.  A mantle of 
contentment descends as the snap and crackle of burning twigs accompanies the 
evening tree frog symphony.   An especially loud pop from the fire alerts a 
crow in a distant tree, and he caws a warning to his compatriots.  In a nearby 
oak, a catbird reassures his fellows.  Fireflies appear in the darkness and a faint 
breeze rustles the leaves overhead.  The resident raccoon who lives under the 
deck ambles out for a visit to his nightly peanut buffet.  Somewhere in the shadows 
the fox is an interested observer.  It's quiet in the neighborhood and a sense of 
peace settles over my soul.  I am blessed.  I am thankful. 



I once was able to go to a movie, buy my ticket, find a seat and settle in.  Seeing the “Lion King” the other day was a humbling experience.  We went to the AMC theater at Perry Crossing.  From curb to entrance is a sea of cement that must be 30 feet or so and, once entering, the lobby is half the size of my high school gymnasium.  Buying the ticket was not so simple, choosing reserved seating (what?!) “regular” or Dolby ($4 more per person), said to be “where the movie comes to life”.  My trusty companions wheeled me some distance to the elevator (what?!), and we found our reserved recliner seats.  After watching me fumble ineffectually for some time, Marc instructed me in the nuances of my recliner (harrumph!).  Next I learn that Dolby means one is assailed from all directions by sound at a gabillion decibels, such that the floor seems to shake and my recliner tremble.  I am truly transported into the “Circle of Life”, and lost in the wonder that is “Lion King”.  On the way out, a stop at the Ladies Room proved a learning experience as well.  It seemed the paper towel dispenser was out of towels.  I looked for a button to push but found nothing.  Hands dripping, I stood in frustration.  A kind lady offered help, passed her hand beneath the besotted thing, and it spit out a towel.  Who knew?   We made our way across the street to Stone Creek for a delightful dinner on the patio, giving me time to contemplate the wonders of technology as it passes me by.  Oh well, “hakuna matata”!

Monday, July 15, 2019


Back from Summer hiatus,Quadrille #83
as presented by Grace is “Sun”or form of
the word in a poem of exactly 44 words
including the title.
Submitted to dVerse
July 15, 2019

Barefoot child with tousled hair
toes anchored in prairie dust
limbs tanned and nose freckled

greeting father’s return from the field
lifted high in arms so strong
inhaling smell of sweat and sunshine
familiar chuckle speaking love

memories linger, caught in sunbeams
still today.