Monday, July 29, 2019


Open Link Night #268.  After sundown on a
cool evening, we enjoy a small bonfire in a
clearing in our neighboring woods.  It is a 
peaceful respite from the daily news.
Submitted to dVerse
August 8, 2019

Fingers of flame reach skyward and the scent of wood smoke soothes the senses. 
Concerns of the day follow sparks aloft, fading into the night sky.  A mantle of 
contentment descends as the snap and crackle of burning twigs accompanies the 
evening tree frog symphony.   An especially loud pop from the fire alerts a 
crow in a distant tree, and he caws a warning to his compatriots.  In a nearby 
oak, a catbird reassures his fellows.  Fireflies appear in the darkness and a faint 
breeze rustles the leaves overhead.  The resident raccoon who lives under the 
deck ambles out for a visit to his nightly peanut buffet.  Somewhere in the shadows 
the fox is an interested observer.  It's quiet in the neighborhood and a sense of 
peace settles over my soul.  I am blessed.  I am thankful. 


  1. What a lovely contented picture you paint, Beverly! A balance between human life and nature.

  2. Bonfires are wonderful things, as is this writing.

    Beautiful imagery.

  3. What a wonderful fire Beverly, I love how the animals are all part of the gathering and observers too ���� xxx

  4. Wonderful! The animals, the contented life, the bonfire itself. This poem makes me happy

  5. I like the raccoon going to his "peanut buffet".

  6. "Concerns of the day follow sparks aloft, fading into the night sky. A mantle of
    contentment descends" love these lines. I could imagine it could be used as visualizations to put a person into a meditative state. Wonderful, Beverly.

  7. What a lovely restful time to be. Love the details about the animals going about their business.

  8. The natural world is always waiting to welcome us. (and we ought to return the favor...)

  9. I felt the glow of the evening bonfire and smelled the scent of wood smoke in the lines of your poem, Bev. Open fires are so soothing. I enjoyed the ‘snap and crackle of burning twigs’ and the observations of nature at night.

  10. I like how you have involved so many senses in sharing this lovely evening with us.

  11. Bev, you have described an amazing place to just be. And I love how you shared it with us. Indeed you are blessed!

  12. This is gratitude paying forward in blessing. Thanks.