Wednesday, May 16, 2018


We’re to consider “happiness” for
this week’s Midweek Motif.  I am
blessed, and seem to have a working
acquaintance with happiness.
Submitted to Poets United
May 16, 2018

Could it be happiness is elusive
        hidden by thoughts obtrusive
While dwelling on discontent
        and wondering where happy went
Perhaps we expect too much…
        glorious grand moments and such
Meanwhile quiet moments of  pleasure
        could bring happiness beyond measure
But we carelessly pass them by
        while we're looking for “pie in the sky”.

The photo is of an Oregon sunrise taken
by my daughter.


  1. Quite succinct and true, I think. Sad. A cautionary gem.

  2. I so agree - there are so many "ordinary" moments of beauty while people look past them, seeking razzle is always a pleasure to read you, Beverly.

  3. Yes, I think many of us expect too much. Have to look at the details. Love this, Bev!

  4. Very true.. expectation can destroy the "now" so easily...

  5. Yes,so many miss out on the'real thing' looking for the grandiose to impress others. I know someone who has just returned from a bike trip around Myanmar and he cannot tell you one thing about the place.

  6. Happiness and contentment can be found in such insignificant things cant they? How right you are.

  7. Luv that end line. I do agree happiness finds us instead of the other way around

    Thanks for dropping by my blog

    much love...

  8. Yes that quiet moment of pleasure IS happiness. You're so right Bev.

  9. Though your words may be true, not always. Sometimes in those quiet moments, is where you are so aware of the sadness and loss. For me, especially the sunsets.

  10. Some people do have standards that are too high to hold up in the light of day when it's the every day things that give us real happiness.

  11. A big truth which many of us fail to realise.The picture is as stunning as the words

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  13. Love this Bev, so apt and true, didn't know you wrote poetry, I do too. xxx

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