Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Over at the Sunday Muse #54,
we’re presented with a photo
of a baby crow to inspire us.
This will be my first submission
to Sunday Muse
May 7, 2019

Ah, my little crowlet
 you’ll grow big and

One day you may be
the group leader
at the convocation
that occurs in the
woods outside my window
every morning.

You’ll call the meeting
to order with a mighty
CAW! And the troops
will set about a cacophony
of discussion until daily
duties are decided upon.

Missions assigned,
once more your CAW! will
send them all on their way
Silently, as one, their black
wings carry them up and

Think big, little crowlet
It may be you


  1. I love this Beverly! Oh the world of birds and their flights and caws and chirps. You have really brought their world to life in the hopes spoken to the little crow. May he think big and do grand things. Thank you so much for joining us over at the Sunday Muse Beverly, and thank you so much for adding us to your blog list. That made my day. :-)

  2. The convocation of crows...i love the meeting described here and fir the crowlet to grow big and strong!

  3. First, I love the sound the word "crowlet" makes. If I ever get to have a cat, I shall name him or her Crowlet (Crow for short, which might be a tad confusing).

    I love the tone of this poem, all the encouragement feels so genuine, and the possibilities endless...