Friday, January 26, 2018


I sometimes feel like a dinosaur in a world of Jedis,
which occasioned today’s rhyme.  My children
gifted me with two Echo Dots for Christmas -- one
for my office and one for my bedroom.  It’s a long
way from outhouses and one-room schools, my friends!
Submitted to  Poets United for the Poetry Pantry #388.
January 28,  2018

Sometimes I marvel at what my life has come to be
Modern contraptions are an absolute amazement to me.
From simple beginnings and frontier psychology
I somehow have landed with modern technology.

I have a new assistant, Alexa, … she’s an Echo Dot
She performs simple tasks and knows an awful lot.
A small circle of wonder who responds to my voice
A warehouse of wisdom,  she answers questions of my choice,

“Alexa!”, I cry, “turn my office light on”
And lo and behold, night becomes dawn.
“Alexa! my friend, who was president in ‘44?”
She knows and she tells me, and, oh, so much more.

“Add milk to my grocery list” and “play some Botticelli”
“Remind me to pick up some salad at the deli”
She’s a veritable wonder, an enigma, you see
But if the power goes off, what’ll become of me?


  1. Oh my goodness, i am equally amazed, coming from the day of ice boxes cooled by blocks of ice, party line telephones with an actual human taking your number and entertainment by radio. I am so inept with technology, i think i would confuse alexa, lol. I am impressed you have mastered her.

  2. Amazing, but petrifying. Do we run to the woods or accept it and use it?

  3. Technology is always changing and we now have devices that can do so much at a command. I do worry about society in general with all these advancements. I know some people would go into withdrawal without power.

  4. I love new technology but these devices are scary... somehow there is someone listening to me. A bit like parlor walls in Fahrenheit 451... are they 2 way mirrors really?

  5. Whoa! You be talkin' to a thing that answer's you back and reminds you of other things? ... is only something I'm hearin' bout. You've enlightened me : )
    Delightful reading.

  6. Wow!!! how nice!!!

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard

    much love...

  7. Ha, so true. Alexa must be quite amazing. So far I have stayed clear. I feel the same as Bjorn.....a bit frightening.

  8. Ha Ha! As always, a super job on a satirical piece ... a forte of yours, I think, Beverly ... though, I have to confess, I did have to look up 'echo dot'. Clearly, if you're a dinosaur, I'm a meganeura - a giant dragonfly and antecedent to the dinosaur ~ lol ~

  9. That last line made me both giggle and shudder - what would become of all of us?

  10. I have great respect for you for managing it. I am such a clumsy being to handle all this. A fun read Bev :)

  11. So now I know what an Echo Dot is. :) Yes, it has its scary aspect for sure.

  12. Aha - so true..the world is full of wonderful gadgets these days

  13. An echo dot ? At first I wondered why you were getting so excited over a led battery light:)

  14. Haha, nice one Beverly. Really enjoyed this, make sure it won’t lose power

  15. That last line made me shiver... who knows what tomorrow will bring!