Monday, January 15, 2018


As I looked out on our snow-covered street,
I was surprised to see a little red fox trotting
up the exact middle as if he owned the world.
Living near a large park, we are often treated
to visits from God’s creatures, a rare treat.
Quadrille #48, submitted to dVerse
January 15, 2018

He came down the middle of the street
Elegant sienna, with a bounce to his step
A handsome fellow on the move
Never minding the snow, secure in his world 
Disappearing into our woods, he headed home
No doubt wife and kits waited dinner



  1. Moments such as you describe are so special. We live in a rural area and have similar experiences. It's a thrill.

  2. I would love to see a fox in the snow. Delightful Bev.

  3. A great image you painted here. Reminds us that God is the original master artist.

  4. We see them here. They are stunning! A few years ago a mother and her 7 kits took residence in my shed.

  5. I saw some osprey flying today near a conservation area while walking. I had a similar feeling to what you seemed to have had with seeing that fox. Of course I was the one walking near their street.

  6. A handsome fella, indeed. I am deeply envious of this experience. There's nothing I love more than an encounter with nature. A wonderful use for the word, and the challenge.

  7. That must have been an amazing sight. I wonder what message he brought for you that day?

  8. You've captured that moment wonderfully, Bev! I especially love 'Elegant sienna, with a bounce to his step'.

  9. A wonderful observation Bev. I would love to see a fox traversing my street or garden. I hope he was able to provide for his family.
    Anna :o]

  10. a confident bounds to the steps of your poem Bev

  11. A very beautiful creature, a rare treat!! A few years ago, I was coming down off the mesa, and there at the side of the road, was a desert fox, waiting to cross, with dinner hanging from his mouth. Indian land is close by, I think maybe he or she had a den there.

  12. What a sight that must have been!

  13. "He came down the middle of the street
    Elegant sienna"

    Oh my gosh, that is gorgeous.

  14. I love foxes... have seem one or two in the neighborhood... and I'm happy that I don't have chickens.

  15. What a beautiful experience! I love your fox's 'Elegant sienna, with a bounce to his step' and s/he looks in very good condition :o) xxx