Monday, April 22, 2019


It’s quadrille time at dVerse
and the word is “rise”, a word that
strikes terror in the heart of those
who live along the Ohio River.
Submitted April 22, 2019

Maleficent mists rise
over murky waters
that creep ever higher.
A raging current uproots trees
taking them downriver,
battering rams of destruction,
taking out bridges,
relentlessly threatening levees
and the piteous efforts
of man.
It's Spring on the Ohio, and
again the rivers rise.

Photo is Pomeroy, Ohio, a
small river town where
the first coal barges on
the Ohio were loaded.


  1. The power of the rising river is evident in this. My favorite phrase is "the piteous efforts of man." The water does what it wants.

  2. A clarion message conveyed as you rocked the prompt. I liked the strong alliteration
    in the first part. Also a keen sense of place, with a great illustration.

  3. I like the sound of this--it seems to move relentlessly like a river.
    An important reminder (and photo).

  4. Man can do little to nothing against water. Brings a somber reality of our mere humanity.

  5. Nature can be a beast sometimes. I like the way the last two lines act as a reminder. This river holds much strength.

  6. Such a powerful sign of spring - the rising rivers. Love your take on the Q word, rise.

  7. The rivers are rising around here and there is always a threat of flooding. So much damage in a short amount of time.

  8. What an image, Bev! I love the alliteration of ‘Maleficent mists rise over murky waters’ and those uprooted trees as ‘battering rams of destruction’.

  9. Rivers rising in spring are dangerously destructive in their beauty.

  10. Symbolic of what is happening everywhere. Nature's power unchained.

  11. You describe the destruction of floods and the helplessness of man to stop them in poetic voice, Bev.

  12. Against the water man is powerless... and maybe that's a good reminder