Thursday, April 25, 2019


At dVerse, we’re addressing poetry
forms.  Grace presents the lai nouveau.
I admit to being a poor student,
finding complicated forms restrictive,
so I'm taking this lightly.  Assuming
lai rhymes with eye, here’s a quickie.
Submitted April 23, 2019

the challenge nouveau
neither fast nor slow

but why?

let syllables flow
just simply for show?

I’ll try

I’m finished, ho ho
so now may I go?

I lai!

See the maiden fair
She with golden hair

She winks

He with gallant air
Charm and debonair

He slinks

I’ll have maiden fair
My ring she will wear

He thinks


  1. Good luck with the maiden. A fun lai Bev - glad you tried something new. I am not with good with forms myself so I am writing out of my comfort zone. Thanks for the smiles.

  2. I agree that the lai’s rhythm is quirky, Bev, and as I said elsewhere, it’s a bit stilted, but you’ve made me smile with yours, especially ‘I lai’!

  3. I like your poems. The first one sums up my feeling as well. Writing for form alone is not very inspirational. You did very well on the second one. They both flow nicely!

  4. Brought a big smile to my face! Lovely Bev!

  5. I like how you let the meter guide this form as well as the rhyme.

  6. See, this was superb. Great rhyme and humor and wit as usual. Nice job.

  7. Good one, Beverly....this form is made for a humorous approach!

  8. 2nd time trying to comment. I like your light-hearted approach here. It works well for this form.

  9. p.s. this is Jade Li at

  10. Oh... that guy will never win her heart I think