Monday, June 17, 2019


Quadrille #82.  Kim has
suggested we consider
“fret” in any form.  I’ve waxed
political, since politics causes
me to fret as much as anything!
Submitted to dVerse
June 17, 2019

Quid pro quo and away we go
In the game of tit for tat
You grease his palm, he greases yours
It’s always been like that

No need to fret  falses or trues
If it doesn’t please it’s all fake news
While we’ve fretted, it’s all been vetted
to Trump news.


  1. That sums it up pretty well! Fretting doesn't bring truth or change.

  2. Fretting isn't going to change a thing.

  3. I'm tuned out of it completely and am enjoying my peace of mind. You are so right about the good ol' boy system. I don't think there is any way it will ever be rooted out.

  4. Politics make me fret too, Bev! Not only is Trump ruining your country, he’s interfering around the world, even in the politics of our ‘small island’. I can’t believe he’s backing Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister!

  5. Yup... that is when politics is reduced to just dealing for gold.

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