Monday, January 30, 2017


It's Open Link night at dVerse, and I've decided
to share a poem of introspection.
February, 2017


I’m the queen of blunt, I shoot from the lip
I’m sometimes the queen of complaint
I’ve spent my life with a lesson to learn
And that’s to use a cup of restraint.

I don’t play poker ‘cause everyone knows
If I’ve a full house or a bust
They look at my face which is sure to portray
My excitement, hope or disgust.

I’ve been trying for years, ever since I was young
To get rid of this inborn taint
To master the skill of holstering my tongue
And just use a cup of restraint.

Time’s running short, I’m nearing the end
Goodness knows, life's hour is late
If I can’t learn to practice a cup of restraint
Do you think they’ll open the golden gate?


  1. Wonderful! Great rhymes and thoughts. :)

  2. I'm sure if they don't you'll give them what for. Shoot from the lip. I love that.

  3. This is wonderful! And I find comfort in those who shoot from the lip. I'll take the truth all day long, no sugar coating. šŸ’œ

  4. Enjoyed your rhyming verses ~ I find it hard to also hide my facial expressions ~ Learning restraint is good, smiles ~

  5. Straight shooters are needed no doubt they will.

  6. A cup of restraint is something I could use too...I'm far too quick to shoot of my mouth

  7. Somehow this is something I have difficulties with too... but it could be a blessing too. After all life is not made out of poker games.

  8. Shooting from the lip, I like that :)

  9. I hope there's a bidding war for me after I'm gone.

  10. Love this! I could definitely use a cup of restraint every now and then :)

  11. I love this, I love this...don't ever change. I,too,need a filter...something I have never achieved....and I have left a string of people who hate me because of it. Love the rhyming, love the rhythm, but the message. Jane

  12. I an sure they will open the gate! Love shooting from the lip!
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]