Monday, January 30, 2017


I looked inside to find despair
And found it simply wasn’t there
I thought perhaps that I could dredge
Some past affront and bitter edge
Maybe some hated dreadful wrong
That I could pack and take along
A personal loss on which to dwell
Some bottomless pit into which I fell
Surely if I think long enough
I can find some agonizing stuff.
But, try as I might to take a tumble
Into a hopeless, tangled jumble
Faith picks me up and takes me on
To each new and special dawn.
And life continues in beautiful prism
Buoyed on by endless optimism.


  1. Yes! That's the way to stay positive. I love that brand new dawn, that washes away the pain of yesterday and gives us a brand new chance to get it right, every morning.

  2. Nice to meet you at Poets United, by the way. I hope you will keep coming back. We can use all the positivity we can get these days!

  3. Does too, luv the rhyming form you chose for this prompt
    Happy Wednesday

    much love...

  4. Wonderful! Love the poem. We need people like this in our lives, people whose words can make our hearts sing.

  5. Yes. May we all stay optimistic. There is power in the positive.

  6. love the positive outlook...if only we can sustain it, despite all odds.

  7. "Faith picks me up and takes me on / To each new and special dawn.".. the meaning of life lies here...a wonderful read..

  8. Love this!!❤️ Smiling I am :)

  9. Endless optimism I do not have, but I am grateful for those who do!

  10. That's a nice sounding poem. The first two lines said it all and the rest of the lines elaborated. I am all for optimism even when I'm pessimistic.

  11. Most days I am an optimist as well ~ Or remember that I am, smiles~

    Did you mean to link this up with D'verse as well?

    1. Actually no, but I goofed! Just getting used to the sites.

  12. I love this portrait of the ultimate manage to talk about human stumbling blocks in a way that feels hopeful.

  13. Yay .. love the meter and rhymes, and I love optimism

  14. Forgiveness always brings a new dawn of hope, well said!