Monday, January 30, 2017


Haven't we all been in cyber isolation at one time or another?
Submitted to Poets United Poetry Pantry
March, 2017


The day was dark as any could get
We couldn’t get onto the internet
Our iPad, laptop, HP and Uverse
Were all beset by a dreadful curse.
Nothing to do but sit and doodle,
Hopelessly lost without benefit of Google
We’re pitiful orphans that fate forsook
Unable to access our friends on Facebook
We just keep mumbling, “what to do, what to do”
We know we have e-mail, but it’s all on Yahoo.
We just stare blankly, saying “why, oh why”
Deep in despair without our wi-fi.
If we survive ‘til tomorrow, my son, his wife and me
We look to a hero from AT &T
Hopefully he’ll see our plight is tragic
And work some wonderful, mysterious magic.
We await his arrival with anticipation
Expecting an end to this cyber isolation,
And this feeling we have that minute by minute
The world’s going on, and we’re not in it!


  1. Oh my gosh isn't this the truth we've become a bunch of digital addicts, this is cute and clever and right on.
    I adore your poetry keep on keeping on rock.

  2. I just wonder how we would cope if we would be shut out for a longer time... I might read books I guess... But then again we can make a choice to shut off too.

  3. Ha! We have to prepare for that possibility later this week. We're expecting snow storms, and that sometimes knocks the power out. Good thing my family has plenty of books and a working fireplace. All we need are hot dogs and sausages for the fire.

  4. Great Fun and a good antidote for me, Beverly... Cos I always get SO stressed when this happens...

  5. My how things have changed, and we have also changed...just a short time ago, who had heard of these things, and who would know how we would rely on them?

  6. LOL, I so enjoyed this. I know the feeling of being without connection........interesting as, decades ago, I was forced kicking and screaming to the cyber world, and now I cant do without it.

  7. been there LOL!!!!

    Happy you dropped in at my Sunday Standard today Bev

    much love...

  8. I wish, it was an internet connection problem, but in December 2014, vast parts of Toronto, were without any electricity, from an ice storm. Myself, I froze, in my apartment, with 3 cats, for 40 hours, before power was restored, in my area, other parts suffered for least a week, before it was restore. So, yes, would gladly had traded with you, in a heartbeat.

  9. ahahahahahahaha omg i love this!! Yes been through this and know what you mean how it feels Beverly :) Thanks for sharing!❤️

  10. We really have become so dependent on the internet, haven't we? Depressing to be without it even for a short time. Makes me wonder...what really did we do with our time before!

  11. Well said, the addiction to the internet is as maddenning as it is irreversible!

  12. Such fun! so true...we are so dependent on the technology today :)

  13. Yes the internet is addictive and that is alarming

  14. Yes, we are addicted and I wonder about our survival as a species, and our lack of adaptability. I know this was written with a sense of humor, but it is still so very real.


  15. haha...been to the's so blessed to be connected with the whole your title :)

  16. Yes, alas, we can't live without it all now, can we? (Or we think we can't.)

  17. I love your rhythm and rhyme and the truth you weave in them. I've certainly felt lost without wi-fi. I can relate to your humorous poem.

  18. Been there! Sometimes I choose to be there, and sometimes the isolation is forced upon me.

  19. Especially love the's hyperbolic in a way but, then, it feels like an actual calamity to be without internet for even a short time, doesn't it?!

  20. The worst! Then as time goes by, we remember the things we used to do before the screens.