Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Heaven Listens

Shaken by the political climate,
sour troubled thoughts stirred by
alternative facts lacking proof
served with a chaser of bravado,
we seek the elixir of truth
and a twist of kindness.
Heaven listens.

Submitted to dVerse Muse Mixology where we're requested
to use pub terms and do so in 33 words!  February, 2017


  1. Oh, yes. PLEASE. We need this so much right now. And I do believe heaven does listen.

  2. I love these lines:

    "alternative facts lacking proof
    served with a chaser of bravado"

  3. For sure, we could all use the elixir of kindness now with a side of sanity.

  4. And yes, I believe the heavens listen. Let's open up a cask of kindness and leave the madness behind.

  5. Great take on the prompt. We can only hope something bigger than us is listening.

  6. Yes to the twist of kindness and elixir of truth :)

  7. Good to think someone listens!

  8. I always believed that we would look at evidence... but proof seems to have changed to beliefs

  9. Nice description of the task Heaven has during these times. In particular I liked the phrase "chaser of bravado".

  10. TruLy.. my friEnd..
    it's amazing how
    much dArk can from
    liGht.. juST a word
    of encourAgement..
    a sMiLe.. A Door
    opening cracked
    as a tear can
    lead to
    as i for
    one spent
    66 months with
    no memory of a smile
    as a smile IS A FeeLinG and
    not a sHow of teeth.. alone.. a danger
    of the Autism Spectrum and sPending
    too much time with computers.. and
    becoming other pARts of tool life.. as
    mechanical cognition erases
    A brain pipe of love.. thing
    is.. if i can
    A SMiLe
    back to me..
    the world can smile too..
    it's true.. miracles do happen
    and so does heaven as just one sMiLe..isREaL..
    aS Canaries in coal mines oF FearHate fLY lonGer.. sMILes..:)

  11. This about sums up how I feel after the 6 O'clock news...well done.