Thursday, February 9, 2017


I once knew a man with laughing eyes
Who caused my heart to dance
Who made me believe in love again
And, trusting, I took a chance.

I loved the man with laughing eyes
And, ah, love was so sweet
I believed no challenge could be so great
That together we could not meet.

Sometimes we loved by firelight
And sometimes we loved by day
Then one day the man with laughing eyes
Seemed to have gone away.

I said to the man with laughing eyes
“It seems you’ve built a wall
I’ve tried to scale it, but I cannot
It’s really much too tall.”

And so went the man with laughing eyes
Away from my life for good
I guess I knew it could never last
But oh, how I wished it would.

For a moment we had it, my laughing eyes
But alas it was just for a day
And quickly as snowflakes can disappear
Our bright tomorrows slipped away.
Submitted to dVerse Poetics where we're challenged
to use the word "heart" in our poetry.  February, 2017


  1. Sad when the man with the laughing eyes leaves!

  2. I'm with Christine it is heartbreakingly beautiful and very relatable.

  3. A touching and beautiful piece, Bev.

  4. I like the shift from the man's laughing eyes to yours. The trials and tribulations of love....

  5. Nice sound to this. Whenever I read the word "wall" I assume Trump is involved, but perhaps not in this case. Nice ballad.

  6. Oh such a sad love poem. Well written and I like the rhyming scheme.

  7. I like the repetition, gives it a ballad feel.

  8. Lovely write...laughing eyes on their own are perhaps not enough.

  9. Loving the story, though it has a sad ending ~ Feels like a ballad, I agree ~

  10. Oh! This is so very romantic.. its better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all!

  11. Such a bittersweet tale, but maybe the memory of such love is the best.

  12. This is heeatbreakingly beautiful, and the repetition is so powerful.

  13. For a moment we had it, my laughing eyes
    But alas it was just for a day

    It may well be a test of resolve. It works that way sometimes!