Thursday, September 6, 2018


 Open Link Night at dVerse
Rhyming words have always held
fascination for me.  This little ditty
is a nonsensical exercise in rhyme
that came bouncing into the cobwebs
of my brain in the wee small hours
last night, lingering until I turned
on the light and committed them
to paper….a thankful diversion from
political rhetoric not fit for publication!
Submitted to dVerse Open Links #227
on 9/6/2018

Sadie was a rebel, a word weaver,
a dreamer and midnight believer
She flew in the face of decorum
She chased life’s treasures
In indiscriminate pleasures
If given rules, she chose to ignore ‘em

As her days filled with regret
She tried vainly to forget
Empty promises and broken dreams
She was a rogue wind that saddled lightning
But life’s storms became all too frightening
Alas, Sadie lost her way, so it seems

But she’d heard of  “due diligence”
She drew on her resilience
And learned from her checkered past
She made better choices
And now she rejoices
Sadie’s charted a new course at last



  1. Some gorgeous lines in here Beverly, I especially love 'She was a rogue wind that saddled lightning' - I am also delighted Sadie 'chartered a new course at last' :o) xxx

  2. I am glad Sadie found her way at last. Nice sound in your poem.

  3. I admire that she found her resilience, voice and forge ahead to make a new path for herself. Cheers!

  4. Rock on, Sadie! Love the rhyme and Sadie's tale.

  5. Love the rhymes (diligence, resilience) and the spirit and of course saddled lightening!

  6. I enjoyed reading Sadie's story...delightful, late night word play, Bev!

  7. a most entertaining read, and Sadie sounds a character out of a children's book I wold love to read

  8. Sadie did good and found a new path at last - but I am sure that it was mostly fun getting there.
    Lovely stuff Bev.
    Anna :o]

  9. Bless her change for a better road

  10. Wow, that sounds a lot like me. I love the rhyming. I get so mad when I am awakened with words in the middle of the night. My muse and I on a different sleep schedule.

  11. This is a beautiful exercise in rhyme. :-) I like the story, the whimsy in the telling, and the hopeful ending.

    Happy week ahead. :-)