Thursday, September 13, 2018


It’s time for Meet The Bar, and
we’re to write a sestet -- six lines
in sequential letters of the alphabet.
I try to avoid political rants, but today’s
outrageous tweet has me incensed.  I
believe I’ll have a whiskey sour,
Here’s my PQRSTUV
Submitted to Meet the Bar at dVerse
September 13, 2018

Prophet of doom seems everywhere
Quick to disseminate threats
Ready to tweet outrageous falsehoods
Such a  legend in his own mind
Too self-absorbed to bother with class
Uninformed, unprofessional, unmitigated ass
Vow to vote an end to this insanity.



  1. Of course. I hope you all vote to end this insanity.

  2. I like the ass part the best:)

  3. Whiskey sour coming right up! Apologies for not responding last night....we are in Provincetown at the very tip of Cape Cod, for our annual two weeks of bliss. Happened to turn on the tv last night at about 5:15 and all over the news was the live coverage of the multiple gas explosions in 3 towns, including Andover. Our daughter and her family live in Andover. I was texting and calling like made and could not reach them. Finally at about 6:30 - a short cut-off text that they were evacuating. Then at half-past midnight, they are back in their home, safe...entire town without electricity. So we were glued to the tv. But so glad to come back and be reading A-B-C-ing this morning, knowing they are well.
    And oh yes....rant away here. I've done it many a time....and's to a BIG turnout for the November vote! Something MUST change. What an embarrassment to have this person as president. Rant away!

  4. i love your PQRSTUV - it was a statement of its own there.

  5. Uninformed, unprofessional, unmitigated ass
    Vow to vote an end to this insanity

    There are elements who thrive in such nasty outpourings. To ignore them is to be wise. Rightly so Beverly!


  6. Nice line with all those words starting with "un": Uninformed, unprofessional, unmitigated ass

  7. Excellent rant. I agree with every morsel. Janice

  8. I love me some Trump-bashing. You know that poetically I strike out at him often. You rock the prompt & got a fist pump from me.

  9. Right there with ya, Bev! I think we thought along the same lines for this one.

  10. I cannot believe the "insanity" is allowed to continue. It's ridiculous. Waving to you from Canada where so many of us are entertained and disturbed by it all at the same time.

  11. If I could I would vote... you have to vote for us all who can not.

  12. Love this rant! Especially what you do with the U line!