Monday, January 7, 2019


Haibun Monday at dVerse, and
Kim asks us to consider January.
Submitted to dVerse
January 7, 2019

Remnants of pine needles and tinsel cleared away, the long, 
bleak days of winter are upon us.  The maple out my front 
window dropped its crimson leaves weeks ago, and now 
stands naked in the cold winds of winter.  The ornamental 
pear and flowering crabapple join it, and the leaden sky 
contributes to the dreary landscape.  A scarlet red cardinal 
visits my birdfeeder, a single bright spot in the January 
days when dark comes early and lingers long.  Perhaps 
snow will come and turn it all into pristine magic.  

Time to savor the warmth of the fireplace, a comfy chair 
and a good book to transport me to faraway places.  
Time for a pot of soup simmering on the stove, and filling 
the house with its wondrous fragrance.  Time to count the 
blessings of the past year and be thankful.  

the season of drear
building anticipation
for excitement of springtime


  1. Very nice haibun, dear lady. Many of our poems echo each other--naked trees, chill, cold winds, dreary dread, fireplaces, hot soups--oh well, great minds and all that. Did you say springtime? Smile.

  2. Love the wondrous smells and warmth inside.

  3. It is bleak and cold here as well. Love the warmth of the fireplace, chair, book and soup. Happy new year Bev!!!

  4. Warmth and welcome exude from your Halibun. I can smell the soup simmering and the logs in the fire. Your redbird visits bring hopeful color and I always enjoy those visits too. I love the feels this gives.

  5. Hi Bev, this time of year seems a little extra dreary because we suddenly lose the joy and color if Christmas. I hated taking the tree down, so a few years ago, when I was deep in the throws of depression over seriously failing health, I created something sor myself. I call it a winter tree. It's a beautiful 3' tall white flocked artificial nobel fir. I decorate with things that remind me of the things I like about winter, with a few things that I like about spring, and just some cool things. I make sure tge stuff is colorful, and I find new stuff each year. I set it up in my studio here where I write and create my art. It's fun, colorful, and it helps. It's a liitle ritual to give me an emitional bump.

  6. That’s a wonderful segue from the remnants of pine needles and tinsel to the maple dropping its leaves – I feel sorry for naked trees and have a few in our garden with which I sympathise daily. I love the surprise of the scarlet red cardinal – the ‘single bright spot in the January days’. I’m completely with you by the fireplace – give me a comfy chair, a good book and a bowl of butternut squash soup and I’m a happy girl!

  7. It amazes me that the cardinals are still around.

  8. Love the details in this January haibun, Bev...bleak outside but cozy within.

  9. I do love the possibility of a bright red cardinal and the indoor comfort... We can survive January.

  10. Love that cheering cardinal! Season of drear will pass.

  11. I like the contrast of the outdoor scenery and the warmth of the inside. There is peace and gratitude running through this. Lovely.

  12. We have those cardinals this year, too. A flash of color on this bleak and dreary season. Love it haibun, Bev.

  13. a time to savor what we are thankful for! Spot on!