Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Tuesday Poetics and our challenge is
to write confessional poetry.  I fall
short of the eloquence of others here;
nonetheless, my heart speaks.
Submitted to dVerse
January 15, 2019

Once I stood atop the mountain
Mistress of all I surveyed
How sweet to survey my kingdom
It seemed I’d so dearly paid.

But I slipped from the promontory
Which it seemed I had only just gained
And I found I stood in the valley
With the mountain before me again

I vowed I would conquer the mountain
It seemed I’d climbed time after time
And, grasping familiar handholds,
Once more I began to climb.

Digital art is my own.


  1. I admire your determination to begin to climb again. Those familiar handholds are a great support Bev.

  2. beautiful digital art. your poem speaks to lessons and toil. glad that the handholds are at least familiar when you start climbing again...

  3. Very nice Beverly. Those mountains keep on rising higher the more we climb.! The view from the top is of the Valley you will soon be back in... So true!

  4. Those moments, just before the fall, when all feels victorious - well written.

  5. Life is a series of mountains and valleys it seems...and I think you were more eloquent than I :)

  6. Life is quite a Sisyphean journey. It's admirable to have that determination to climb again and yet again. The familiar handholds shall help us along. Well penned! :-)

  7. I admire your determination which shines clearly through your verse!

  8. Somehow life can seem Sisyphean... but climbing or pushing a stone uphill seems to be what life is all about...

  9. Keep trying. There are those moments at the top.

  10. the strength to climb again is admirable ~

  11. Will and determination is what keeps us going! Life is all about that 'Climb'