Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Sarah has challenged us to select
three names of games from a list
and forge them into a poem.  The
list was such fun I got carried away!
Submitted to dVerse Poetics
February 13,  2019

Doom follows my torchlight
down the Path of Exile
through the myst
peopled with dark souls

Is this my destiny?
Have I signed some assassin’s creed
Or made a deal with Diablo?
I quake at the thought.

God of War, spare me
Lead me to my honey mine
before the Space Invaders
precede me to the Blossom Blast.


  1. Oh I love how you made life itself a game... and i wonder if it's a level-up in the end..

  2. Great fun - lots of games! I'm very impressed by people who take on more than three - you've created a seamless narrative here. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Doom follows my torchlight
    down the Path of Exile
    I like the dark essence this seasons your poem with!

  4. Oh that first stanza has you on a dark path indeed! You’ve taken us with you on a journey here for sure.

  5. A very natural blending of the game words, but you had me at "peopled" as a verb. Loved it.