Wednesday, February 27, 2019


It's Tuesday Poetics, and
Frank has suggested the topic
of forgiveness and blame.  I don’t
take the topic lightly, but I couldn’t
resist having a bit of fun with it. 
Submitted to dVerse
February 27, 2019

On the topic of forgiveness
There are books of wise advice
I’ve tried to master the art
I’ve read them all once or twice

I try to practice forgiveness
And walk in another’s shoes
Often they don’t fit too well
Some things are hard to excuse

It’s easy when things go awry
To point a finger of blame
And not accept that our own bad choice
Changed the play of the game

One point that left an impression
Before I returned a book to my shelf
Was that one of the most important things
Is to learn to forgive yourself

Another point that impressed me
Came from that fellow John Wayne
“Forgive your enemy”, he said,
“But remember the bastard’s name!”



  1. Oh I do love the John Wayne quote... forgive but do not forget... and most of all forgive yourself

  2. You are a wise wise person. Youve constructed this very skillfully and with great humor.

    On this comment, I'm only able to leave it with my blogger name, but at dVerse I'm Jade Li at Tao Talk.

  3. I like the quote from John Wayne. There is much about our enemies we no longer remember. Good observations about our choices changing the game and the need to forgive ourselves as well.

  4. It is vital to be able to forgive yourself. I love the way you wrote this, and that quote from a John Wayne!