Thursday, February 21, 2019


Open Link Night at dVerse, and we post a
poem of our choice.  I rarely write on the
dark side, but this one was fun.
Submitted to dVerse Open Link
February 21, 2019

Deep in the woods at the dead of night
when fog shrouds the forest paths
and small creatures burrow deep for safety,
the Gonnagetchas snuffle and growl.

Evil settles over the countryside
in a dank miasmic cloud of discontent.
Babes are restless in their cribs and
seek their mother’s comfort. Dogs cower
and bark at shadows.

In the branches of the tallest oak the owl
asks “Who?“ and small birds chatter timidly
in response.  Behind the barn, the cattle
huddle a bit closer and move restively. Chickens
cling fearfully to their roosts and exchange
clucks of concern.

I pull my covers ‘round my ears,  listen to
the tick tock of grandma’s old clock, and
wait for dawn to come and save me.


  1. For some reason, this same post came up twice on Mr. Linky so I deleted one. There were no comments there - so nothing was lost.

    Well.....I must say....I LOVE the idea of Gonnagetchas! And the idea that they are snuffling and growling only makes them more endearing. Even though this is on the dark side, I think of it as more similar to the kind of dark side exhibited by the children's very popular story, Where the Wild Things Are.

  2. Yes, waiting for dawn to come and save me, been there more than a time or two. As I read through it was a sensory experience that was thrilling in a good way but only because I wasn't there!

  3. Yikes, I will be scared just listening to all those sounds by myself.I will cover up too and wait for dawn.

  4. I love the idea of Gonnagetchas snuffling and growling, Bev! I’m not so keen on the ‘dank miasmic cloud of discontent’. You’ve built tension so effectively with the ‘tick tock of grandma’s old clock’, marking out the minutes until dawn can come and save you.

  5. Nice line: "the Gonnagetchas snuffle and growl" Good reason to long for dawn.

  6. a page full of terrors and frights, nicely written Beverly, it gave me goosebumps.

  7. I would pull the covers over myself and wait for dawn to save me too!!

  8. This was fantastic Bev. So wonderfully scary in that innocence of children with a ghost story. Loved this m’lady...! :-)

  9. I think writing horror like this is fun... but then I do remember those dark nights when I was scared and waiting for dawn myself...

  10. Gulp! Like Björn, I was amused, and then also scared, as I remembered waiting for the dawn, too.