Wednesday, February 20, 2019


It’s time for dVerse Poetics, and we’re
asked to consider privilege … a topic with
infinite possibilities and much food for thought.
Here are my thoughts on privilege.
Submitted to dVerse Poetics
February 20, 2019
I sometimes wonder at the privilege to be me.
After all, I might have been, for example,   
a child in a ghetto in India., a struggling mother
of 6 in poorest Appalachia, a victim of sex trafficking,
the wife of a Masai warrior in Kenya, or living in
poverty on an American Indian reservation.

By what quirk of fate and serendipity was I born
to loving parents who pulled themselves from the
poverty of post-depression  middle America.  I
was privileged to get an education, to marry a
good man, to have children who’ve made me
proud, to have lived in comfort, if not in wealth.

I’ve not been ridiculed, bullied or suppressed
because of my race, creed, gender or merely the
happenstance of my birth.   I’ve been allowed to
speak my truth, explore my possibilities, and
enjoy the luxury of  a safe and secure environment.
Who am I to be so privileged? What incredible
spiraling chain of DNA led to the person that is me?


  1. I love how you use the perspective of the serendipity to be blessed with what you have... and yet your parents had to pull themselves from the post depression to give you that.. Love the way the hole poem is a big question

  2. Bev: You are very fortunate and you sound thankful and humble. Happy for you. I wish everyone were so fortunate.

  3. Responding to Bjorn's comment: I think we are fortunate in most things and unfortunate in most things. This DNA spun our parents and spins us. We are born into cultures and families that can give us good luck or bad.

  4. Yes, by the quirk of fate and serendipity, you are very lucky. You have also made the best of the situation and your blessings have more than doubled over the years. I know of some who are born with the same blessings but sadly, over the years have thrown all the privileges away and are in dire situations. So, its fate but its also due to all the hard work like what your parents had to do. Thanks for sharing Bev.

  5. I agree, Grace. Much "privilege" is the result of wise choices and nose to the grindstone mentality.

  6. By matter of fate or certain social situations, we are privileged in many ways. This is such a lovely verse verse which takes into context these privileges in such a humble and thoughtful manner, while being conscious of the harsh realities of many others. Beautifully done!

  7. I like the philosophical nature of your poem, nuanced questions and all.

  8. I sometimes wonder at the privilege to be me.

    that first line says so much of who you are , you have respect for those less fortunate yet not undermining their value in the world. your poem stands out among all the others i have read. you give true meaning to the beauty of humanity in your humble musings