Tuesday, March 26, 2019


For Tuesday Poetics we’re asked to consider
GEOGRAPHY in an open-ended manner featuring
where we are, who we are and how it might impact
why we are who we are.  Whew!
Submitted to dVerse
March 26, 2019

My belonging place is in north central Illinois near a tumbling
little creek called Rooks Creek.  Were I to empty a glass of
water into Rooks Creek where it flows past the little country
church of my childhood , it would join its waters as they meander
through the fertile black soil of the corn belt and find their way
into the Vermilion River.  The Vermilion is a  rowdy, obstinate
river that against all odds flows north to its confluence with the
Illinois River, where its waters are redirected south to its confluence
with the mighty Mississippi which travels south past the levees
of New Orleans into the Gulf of Mexico and hence into the
Atlantic Ocean.  Geography comes alive when I consider the
journey of the waters from my glass.  I once read “all the waters
of the world are one“.  Perhaps it is so. 


  1. I very much had the same thought.. the water is one body... and we are almost part of that.

  2. Thank you for taking me on this journey with your water droplet Bev! It was fascinating...

  3. I love the connection, the flowing from one into the another, and finally to the Atlantic ocean. We are indeed, a world of one.

  4. I like your poems flow! … both the river and the glass of water! Water is and amazing substance!

  5. Ah, such a wonderful way of tracing this journey while capturing the geographic details in such a smooth manner — it certainly makes the subject come alive when its evidence is so marvelous and beautiful.
    I loved it! :-)

  6. A wonderful way to connect all the waters of the earth and the waters of present and past, Bev. I love the idea of a ‘rowdy, obstinate river’, exciting and scary in its power.

  7. This sounds like the opening of a book--and I would keep reading!

  8. This is absolutely beautiful!❤️ I love the geographical details weaved so effortlessly in this poem. "all the waters of the world are one." Oh yes!❤️

  9. I like the flow of this, and the meditation on how the waters of the world are joined.

  10. What a lovely way to begin... with a glass of water. I love how you yourself traveled the waterways all the way to the Gulf of Mexico by way of that single glass of water---not separate from nature, keeping dry in a boat, but mingling with the water, being one with it.

  11. This poem flowed like the water it described. One large body of water.

  12. Those waters tie us all together.