Thursday, March 21, 2019


It’s Open Link Night at dVerse, and I’ve chosen
to write an ode to my birthstone, the amethyst. Given
that politics seem quite odious at the moment, an ode
seems appropriate.  The amethyst  is said to promote
calm, balance and peace, and is also used to eliminate
impatience, of which I seem to have a good deal of late.
This IS a Beverly ode, after all, so don't look for a strophe,
antistrophe or epode!  I don't know exactly what they are.
Submitted to dVerse
March 21, 2019

Oh stone of purple, made from quartz
I call on your magic powers.
The State of the Union is dreadful,
the politicians rant for hours.
Our president goes on tirades
as scattered as grains of wheat
He’s seldom at the White House
and he’s running the country by tweet.

It’s become nearly impossible
to determine what is true.
In our state of desperation
I thought I’d turn to you
Oh stone of purple, we call on you
to cast a mighty spell
Please infect the fools with honesty and wisdom
before the country goes to hell.


  1. Infect the fools, indeed! Slim chance of that. I love amethyst. Calming, but hard to spell! :o>

    1. Well, I got it right 2 out or 3! Thanks for the tip - I fixed it.

  2. It's a beautiful stone and my grandson's birthstone :)

  3. Good one! I have read that amethyst is good for staying sober.

  4. Oh if prayers worked. But they don't.
    Hail the purple stone
    And Wisdom is such a lovely curse

  5. OH, that is a powerful stone and a good choice. A gem for clarity and vision.

  6. Nice use of "infect": "Please infect the fools with honesty and wisdom"

  7. What a wonderful idea for a prompt, Bev, an ode to your birthstone! I like amethysts as I like the colour purple, and I need some calm, balance and peace. I think we’d need an enormous amethyst to put things right.

  8. You did well with creating an echo of satire and seriousness. Amethyst is not my birthstone, but it is my favourite, so I enjoyed your poem for more than one reason :)

  9. Such a poignant close on this one, Bev!❤️ Let us hope for better days..

  10. I - wonder (and hope) that it works

  11. I am with you in that prayer and call for calmness. Hopefully it works or we will all go mad.

  12. Love this twist to current events and the clarity of the amethyst. We are all praying.