Monday, April 29, 2019


It’s haibun Monday and Gina has asked us
to feature a picnic well remembered. 
Submitted to dVerse
April 29, 2019

I grew up in very rural Illinois, and attended a one-room
country school.  The last day of school was celebrated
with a picnic for students and their families. There were
few chances for socialization in our farming community,
so the picnic was always well attended, and every family
represented. There was usually a raucous game of softball
with parents participating.  The men gathered to discuss
weather and crops, and women compared recipes and such,
while children of all ages frolicked beneath the old oak
trees that rimmed the schoolyard.. There were no indoor
“facilities”, The boys’ outhouse sat at one corner of the
schoolyard and the girls’ the other.  For the eight years I
attended, I never remember a time it rained on picnic day.
Farm wives are wondrous cooks, and the tables were
laden with fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans,
deviled eggs, pies and cakes.  Everyone looked forward
to the home-made ice cream, hand-cranked in the old
freezer.  The little school closed in 1947 (the year I graduated
eighth grade).  It is there no longer, but its image remains
in the attic of my brain, and I hear the laughter still..

celebration in the Spring
cares are cast aside
for memories being made


  1. A gem of a memory, indeed. Our big family picnics were with park picnic tables too. I never did the sit on the ground type.

  2. Huge picnics have their place in our history. Sounds wonderful!

  3. That picnic sounds like something worth looking forward to.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful summer memories- filled with laughter, games and so much home-cooked food. I wouldn't missed it too Bev.

  5. Great imagery. How fortunate it never rained on picnic days. I love your memory of the placement for the outhouses.

  6. a story within a story, a haibun so precious it must be framed Beverly. it takes a community to rise its children, time out when necessary, to foster those bonds. i really felt part of your little school house warmth.

  7. Everybody worked their butts off the rest of the year, alone or in small groups, but that annual picnic was a reminded, and a wondrous one, of community. Your telling of it brings it to life, Beverly.
    --Jade Li

  8. The haibun is a lovely image of a lost world. Precious.

  9. This nostalgic haibun is a treasure, Beverly!

  10. Such a lovely memory and portrayal of a world (as well as school) that no longer exists.

  11. This is a wonderful memory... i think this is the type of sunshine that defines a human.

  12. You share such fond memories! I remember only one school picnic myself, where we were encouraged to bring a teddy bear. It was The Teddy Bears' Picnic, and I can still sing the song years later. :-)

  13. Bev, a fantastic story -- my mother grew up in the same setting and your story made me think of her childhood. I've touched that community for 2 years with a friend who was a pastor in a very small church in rural Minnesota -- the good food and types of chat with cares cast aside and the great memories that you even have now. Thanx.

  14. What a great idea for end of school! I remember reading a book that had a school picnic in it but I can't remember the title or the author or am I thinking of the Sunday school picnic in Anne of Green Gables? No matter - I always wanted to go on one when I was a child. Never happened. Thanks for bringing it to me, Bev!