Saturday, September 14, 2019


Frank challenges us to engage in
descriptive detail. To participate in this prompt
we’re to write a poem paying attention to the
descriptive detail that will tell readers what the
poem is about and what you hope will hold their
interest and make them want to read it again.
I would hope, on contemplation, my poem
illustrates nature can imitate life.

Consider the flight of the bumblebee
Flitting from flower to flower
His journey is energy efficient
He operates on bee power

In his suit of black and yellow
He’s quite a handsome guy
All the lady bumblebees
Want to accompany his fly

He’s said to have a temper
At least that’s what they say
Slow to anger, but when offended
He can certainly ruin your day

For those who make him angry
Memories of the encounter will linger
He may be collecting honey
But he’s always carrying his stinger.


  1. My encounters with angry bees have all been memorable. Thankfully they were few and probably all my own fault. I like the description of them as being slow to anger.

  2. I have so far been spared the bumble-bee-ire... they are marvelous when you see them...

  3. beautiful creatures! Nice portrait. bzzzz!