Saturday, September 28, 2019


Submitted for The Sunday Muse #75
inspired by the photo below.
September 29, 2019
Once I stood atop the mountain
mistress of all I surveyed
How sweet to survey my kingdom
for which I'd so dearly paid
But I slipped from the promontory
it seemed I had only just gained
and I found that I stood in the valley
with the mountain before me again.
I vowed I would conquer the mountain
it seemed I'd climbed time after time
and, grasping familiar footholds,
once more I began to climb.

Photo Source: Alastair Magnaldo


  1. Your poem flows beautifully, I can feel the climb.

  2. Yes life is like this. You have captured it beautifully in this poem. I love this Beverly!

  3. This is marvelous! I love the way it moves and the way the speaker decides to keep feels more determined than otherwise.

  4. New beginnings--and our willingness to embrace what will come no matter what--is half the battle, I think. And the winning comes sooner, when one stays as positive as this speaker. May the climbing be glorious!

  5. One always needs to move forward and continue the climb no matter how hard it seems at times.

  6. Climbing and falling seems to be the only way upwards.

  7. I can feel the climb in this, the determination.

  8. Oh, yes, the climb can be tough, but giving up hurts worse. Love the poem

  9. Oh, I can feel the determination along with the heavy steps.

  10. I so resonate with this, all of the climbing, all of the starting over.......lovely to read you again, Beverly.