Tuesday, November 26, 2019


It’s Tuesday poetics, and Kim gives us
a challenge to write a poem in the format
and style of either Sylvia Plath or Ted Hughes.
It must be about something that grows or
multiplies and is in some way invasive.   I
like Plath’s brief tercets, and poison ivy
comes to mind.
Submitted to dVerse
November 26, 2019
Such a lovely vine
winding its way
up the tree

Some speak of it
with warning
“Beware leaves of three!”

In innocence
I touched it
Oh, woe is me.


  1. Lovely rhyming, and a story with a moral! We don't have poison ivy over here - in fact, I don't think I've seen a picture of it before -but I guess you'll need an ocean of calamine lotion to get over that!

  2. Oh what a vicious vine... we are so blessed not having it here.

  3. You can catch it when it is burned if you breathe in any of the smoke. Horrible stuff.

  4. Nice rhymes. I for one dislike copying another poet's style but your's is excellent.

  5. I've never seen any either. Those leaves look like silver maple. Good rhymes for nasty stuff.

  6. I’ve heard about poison ivy but never had to worry about it as we don’t have any here. I like the short, sharp lines, rhymes and warning in your poem, Bev.

  7. Love the suspenseful rhyme! I’m intrigued 😊

  8. Very very cute again ! Nice, Bev.