Saturday, November 9, 2019


Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Tree 
 (Emulating the style of Wallace Stevens      
Sunday Muse #81
Submitted November 9, 2019

It falls from high, a seedling  
Small, brown, inconspicuous 
Containing promise of mighty oak 

Young roots seeking sustenance 
Growing strong and tall  
Fulfilling destiny     
Shield from summer sun  
Dappled shade    
On cool green grass.
Natives gather beneath
Shelter provided
From summer storm   
Feathered inhabitants
Find welcome homes
And raise voices in song

Now standing sentinel
Beside pioneer cabin
Amid fresh young dreams.

The child swings
From sturdy limb
Happy and secure

In soft rustles of night
A quiet “who who”
Of resident owl

Taller still, rooted deep
Scarred by time
Cloaked in history.

Dressed in colors
Glorious red
Russet and gold

Now naked in winter winds
Limbs akimbo
Colors pooled below

Stark shadows on snow
Like tentacles
Seeking warmth

Tinged with green
Bursting with life anew
The cycle continues .


  1. I love the progression in this of the life of a tree and all the gifts they give to other creatures. I especially love the title Beverly! This is such a lovely ode to the beauty and importance of trees. I love it!

  2. So, this is a concrete poem, yes? Cos it is shaped like its subject. Very nice.

  3. Oh I do love all the thirteen ways... But I think there is a blackbird hiding in the tree as well.

    The life of trees is a cycle.

  4. I love all the ways of looking at a tree. Loved your poem very much. Lovely to read you, Beverly.

  5. Your title and verses give the reader new ways of looking at trees. A tree offers us so much, we should honor those gifts.

  6. What a story! You pull me through time and season with an expert touch.

  7. I loved the journey you took us on and how valuable trees are to one and all. Beautiful!

  8. Lovely interpretation of the of life

  9. "Now naked in winter winds
    Limbs akimbo
    Colors pooled below"

    Stunning writing, Bev. Love the direction you took with this.