Sunday, February 16, 2020


Sunday Writers’ Pantry, and I
look back on lessons learned.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers
February 16, 2020

He sits, a verdigris object
my constant reminder long since
of the time I succumbed to the fatal charms
of the frog, formerly known as prince

I believed his lies duplicitous
I was gullible, naive and dense
I was enamored, he was ubiquitous
the frog formerly known as prince

I was his Scheherazade
and he my handsome prince
passion burned within my heart
I've not seen the likes of since

My friends just shook their heads
and thought I'd slipped a cog
they all knew before I did
that he was just a frog.

Now out beyond the garden wall
Just inside the fence
Lie the words of that worthless miscreant
The frog. formerly known as prince.  

And I? I'm much the wiser
I've taken the lesson thence
I've become quite amazingly astute
at separating frog from prince


  1. Ha...well there are a lot of tricksters about preying on Princesses. Glad you can spot the frog now. Good for you. If you find a Prince...let us know.

  2. Sigh .. we have all been there and met a few frogs along the way. Sometimes the only way to truly appreciate the good is to experience the bad 💝

  3. I enjoyed your frog poem, Bev! I have a frog on my windowsill, he’s pale green and the guardian of my washing up sponge and cloth. I am also currently reading The Frog Prince with some of my Year 2 readers – I was surprised that some of them were not familiar with the story, but they really enjoyed it. I like the repetition of ‘the frog formerly known as prince’, which made me smile!

  4. Cleverly done. Riveting, one could say :)

  5. This brought out a rueful smile. :)

  6. Frog and prince a dupicity we still face today in romance seeking, especially if looking towards lily ponds

    Happy Sunday Bev


  7. Oh I think a lot of us can relate. LOL. She'll send the next frog that tries to start anything packing right away.

  8. But don't you just love kissing us frogs. A prince now, demands reverence and submisiveness.
    I like it Beverly, I like garden frogs that don't jump.

  9. Ha ha, how wise and funny.

    I love the allusion to 'the artist formerly known as ...'.

  10. Life is as much about the frogs as it is about the one elusive prince!!

  11. I need to learn that art too...discerning frog from prince :))

  12. delightful poem, enjoyed the read. i can't help but chuckle at the lines. :)

  13. Fun. I think he's where he belongs now.

  14. So good! I have known a few frogs...
    Anna :o]