Sunday, February 2, 2020


Writer’s Pantry #5, wherein
I indulge in a bit of political satire,
although it’s hard to find the light side
of the present situation in my world.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers
 February 2, 2020

With his pomposity
and juvenile viscosity
the king was feared by all
The men of the kingdom
soon formed a gangdom
its purpose the king’s downfall
They sought a way
with bluster and foray
to displace the king from his seat
The king unaware
with no words to spare
continued to rule by tweet
with rampant defamity
and threat of calamity
for those who would dare disagree.
Meanwhile people prayed fervently
and dreamed urgently
of the land of the brave and home of the free.

   The end of this story
ignominy or glory
ultimately remains to be seen.
The dilemma continues
touted loudly on venues
Could we trade a king for a queen?


  1. I sure hope we can trade this dangerous joke of a king for a queen. Heck, at this point in the story, I would be willing to trade the king for a kindhearted fool with excellent advisors.

    You are so right, Bev. It gets harder and harder to find things to joke about (that don't come accompanied by screams and the urge to sob), but it's good that we still try.

  2. Oh, pray let it be so! At this point, I'd trade the joker for this king. Enjoyed.

  3. Luv the last question. Happy Sunday, thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


  4. Love it, love it, love it! (Although deploring the situation – and person – it describes.) Some terrific rhymes here; my favourite is 'kingdom'/'gangdom'. Though 'defamity'/'calamity' runs it close.)

  5. you are a wonderful poet and a wise woman! hoping for courage and joy in our world -- much needed. xo

  6. Love it You nailed it So hope that this story has a happy end but....

  7. A political satire well executed. And you're so right, it's difficult to find the light side these days.

  8. I would any day, sooner is better. His cronies can go too.

  9. I think we can trade a king for a queen ❤️ enjoyed this one immensely!

  10. I really don't see any glory for the king at the end of the day. Great poem!

  11. Love your poem. Great rhyming. I would trade this king for a queen very easily.

  12. Quite right, not amusing at all when one is living through it, though it does seem crazy watching from half way across the world. Ignominy or glory - that ending has already been written, I suppose!