Saturday, December 2, 2017


A thoughtful haibun and senyru for
Poets United this week, penned after a
road trip through north central Illinois,
submitted to Poetry Pantry #381
December 3, 2017

I’ve traveled this road innumerable times in my lifetime …
this road through the heartland, past  fields of corn and
soybeans that seem to stretch to the horizon, and the tidy
homes of the farmers who till the land.  Time marches on,
and a nation’s hunger for electrical power has brought to
the heartland a new crop … the wind farm.   Now, there
are rows of metal towers reaching skyward, their arms
turning lazily in a slow waltz across the vast flatness of
the landscape, harvesting prairie winds and generating
electrical power. At nightfall, their single blinking lights
become a cyclopsian superhighway, their soft whooshing
a lullaby to night creatures.  What next for this land
where Native Americans once pitched their teepees and
hunted buffalo?  Time will tell. 

nothing stays the same
time marches relentlessly
toward new landscapes


  1. You have really expressed well how things change in a lifetime. Time marches on. Changes happen. We hope they are for the better.

  2. new landscapes indeed!! Solar farms and wind farms.. though I suppose these are the least harmful of the changes we are seeing!

  3. What a beautiful and relevant haibun Beverly. I'm quite happy with wind farms not being close enough to them to be disturbed by the whirring! They are certainly better than coal smoke!

  4. Time brings changes in ways we never expect, be them good or bad. I too am anxious to see what would come next.. sigh..

  5. I for one am hopeful that these giants will be helpful ones and be a part of good changes.

  6. "Nothing stays the same"

    Sometimes I resent that truth, and sometimes I embrace it.

  7. Guess it is the as Heraciltus said in those BC years. "You cant step in to the same river twice". Huh

    Happy Sunday Bev


  8. .....and they soon become part of the landscape!

  9. I hope that this change is better than changes we had brought before... I hope we can live of sun and wind instead of burning oil and coal.

  10. I especially love the cyclopsian superhighway - what a great image! At least this change brings clean energy, unlike all the other changes we have wrought on this landscape. I saw on facebook that somewhere they are "culling" (killing) BUFFALO, of all the crazy things.

  11. We are in a period of great change--I hope that I see hopeful times again--this is lovely!!

  12. That was a great reading. Thanks!

  13. Your words are true. I like what you have written.

  14. Yes there are so many changes, so hard sometimes to accept....this is one as are those fields of crops....I wish we could bring back some of the wild prairie.


  15. A lovely visual haibun ... a pleasure to read ... and linger over.

  16. Great juxtaposition from tepees to wind mills. Maybe we will see them as giant flowers. What next? Who knows?

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