Thursday, February 1, 2018


Paul has asked us to honor the poetic form of
Ghazal.  I have chosen for my repetitive phrase
one that I heard often from my father. 
Submitted to dVerse Meeting the Bar
February 1, 2018

Young and handsome he said to himself “It’s a good day to be alive”
He considered each day, whatever it brought, a good day to be alive.

Life was hard but he soldiered on, determined that all be well
And fortune smiled as time went on, each day good to be alive.

He fell in love and married, they set out to build a life
And now the two of them considered each day good to be alive.

Soon they were parents and they did it well
Teaching their children to appreciate each good day to be alive.

When grandchildren came their visits were cherished
And he taught them to be thankful for each good day to be alive

Time took its toll, his strong body failed
But he clung to his credo, snatching each good day to be alive

We went for a ride, the two of us, and I learned my lesson still
The end was near, and yet he said “It’s a good day to be alive”.

I'm grateful he was my father, and I often hear his voice
As I face each new tomorrow, I hear "It's a good day to be alive".


  1. I'm sure he would be pleased to know he gave you a lifetime of guidance.

  2. I especially liked the last couplet and the optimistic attitude of your father.

  3. A second tribute to one's own father! This form is appropriate for remembering a loved one, I think, as we often don't remember the details or everything they said, but their essence which can be illustrated in the refrain.

  4. A picture is forming of the man whose motto was "It’s a good day to be alive”. What a positive way to live!

  5. Beautiful way to remember your Pa Bev. Very touching. His philosophy was a good one.

  6. A lovely tribute to your father, Beverly. Your poem and Ken's go together.

  7. A great credo to live by, and such a wonderful way to honor your father... The credo is a bit like the opposite of the famous quote from the Indian wars...."this is a good day to die"

  8. A beautiful credo to live by and give the next generations. I like how you have woven it into your poem.

  9. such a beautiful poem for your dad, he gave you so much of himself, I feel the tenderness of his presence that shaped you.

  10. What a lovely refrain to live by. He sounds like a wonderful, caring man.

  11. Your father sounded like a wise man.

  12. Wonderful way to Honour your Dad. You are his Clone in many ways Bev. Illustrations and poems. As you do.

  13. muqarar muqarar..wah subhaan allah..great write

  14. A beautiful mantra by your dad - and a great tribute. Wise words😊