Monday, February 19, 2018


It’s Haibun Monday, and we’re asked
to consider grey, easy to do on this, the third
day in succession of drizzly rain, fog and
grey skies! 
Submitted to dVerse
February 19, 2018

It’s those last days of winter, when the pristine
snows have been reduced to dingy grey clumps
here and there.  The sky mourns in congress,
streaks of grey smeared with faint touches of
blue, and a drizzly rain adds to my morning
portrait of despair.  The morning news joins
in with a dismal array of tragedies and conflict. 
Sighing, I pour my first cup of coffee … and
remind myself these are the days that make
the advent of Spring so special.   A scarlet
cardinal arrives for his morning seed buffet
at my feeder, a bright spot in the morning grey
… and I rise to face the day, feeling somehow

welcome cardinal
bright spot in my dismal day
reminder that Spring will come
Image is my own digital art.


  1. I really like the message of hope in both your haibun and haiku. Yes! I'm spite of the grey drizzly weather, spring will come and soon!

  2. I can really feel your words and there is def some dingy grey clumps of snow here. The news does seem to reflect greyness. I wonder will spring release us from all this sorrow.

  3. I can see how that cardinal can brighten the day.

  4. Yes, those cardinals DO lift those grey spirits!

  5. The contrast of the brilliant red is beautiful.

  6. I love the way you have punctuated all the greyness with a scarlet cardinal, Bev!

  7. Yes, the red of the cardinal stands out in last days of winter. The day my Son died, as I was preparing to go to the hospital, a beautiful cardinal with his mate, appeared, and flew right by my ear, and seemed to whisper to me what was to come. Those days, were certainly grey, though it was already June and the sun was shinning bright, and new green and honey suckle was everywhere. That red cardinal pierced my heart and is with me still. I am touched by your write.

  8. The only way to survive, take each spot of brightness as it happens.

  9. Such a beautiful bird. No wonder your spirits were lifted. Nature's always got a blessing to hand.

  10. Oh! This is good. There's nothing like a splash of colour to awaken the senses. A hope for the promise of spring.

  11. We have cardinals here and they certainly do add vibrance to the greyest of days!

  12. I so wish we would have those bright colored birds here... ours are so subdued...

  13. weather and news can make us feel so grey like all the colour has been bleached out, your haibun emphasises grey so eloquently.

  14. Glad the scarlet cardinal made an appearance in your portrait of despair! Vivid writing on grey realities.