Monday, February 5, 2018


It’s Haibun Monday and Mish asks us to think
of our home towns.  I apologize that my haiku
is a senyru, but it needed to be!
Submitted to dVerse
February 5, 2018

My childhood was on a farm, six miles from the
 nearest little town, population 450 at the time.
I guess you might call Cornell my home town. 
In the empty lot behind the little drug store, free
outdoor movies were shown on Saturday nights.
Parents parked their cars on the perimeter, and
children spread quilts on the grass to watch the
movie under the stars.  As darkness fell, the boys
would find their way to the quilt of their favorite
girl of the moment.   I remember the excitement
of that first romance, and the first time his hand
timidly touched mine.  Such sweet, innocent
memories caught in the mists of time.

bashful young fellow
coming to my quilt at dusk
I wonder, where are you now?


  1. Such sweet memories of young love. It would be fun if 'he' could read this now! :)

  2. Love this! Nothing like a first romance!

  3. How lovely. Evocative of that cusp time.

  4. What lovely memories! A very different world to my childhood. What we would have given for a quilt out in the warm darkness :)

  5. This is pure sweetness. The wonderment in the haiku is so moving.

  6. That is so sweet, Beverly. How different things are today!

    Lady Nyo(jane)

  7. As a city girl who moved to the countryside later in life, I envy you growing up on a farm, Bev. The village I live in now is about 5-6 miles from the nearest town, too, but we have just a pub and a village hall here. A drugstore would be welcome. :) I've never been to an outdoor move show and your description does sound romantic and exciting.

  8. Reminds me of the drive-in movies outside our small town..holding hands, kissing, but I didn't stay..nice memories, tho.

  9. I have never experienced outdoor movies... sound so nice, but in summer when it's warm enough there is not enough darkness for movies.

  10. very sweet. The showing of free outdoor movies, bringing the neighborhood out together, is very cool.
    MNL (Cactus Haiku)

  11. Nice question in the haiku. We lived about that distance from the small town where we went to school.

  12. The pitter-pat of young hearts. Nice.

  13. You've captured the warmth of a small town and the wonder of new love.

  14. your description of a beautiful memory made me long for those times, the simple years and thoughtful gestures, young love is so sweet, I am thinking of my first sweaty palm movie date, loved this Beverly!