Thursday, October 18, 2018


Midweek Motif asks us to consider Abundance.
which seems often confused with material things.
Submitted to Poets United October 18, 2018
and also submitted to Poetry Pantry
 October 27, 2018

 In the rush to work, the next appointment
   the golf outing,  exercise at the gym,
the hairdresser, the barber, getting the oil changed
doing the laundry, mowing the lawn
wishing for an abundance we cannot see
to fill the longing we cannot name
while sensory and visual pleasures are all about us
an abundance of gifts left unopened in our headlong race

Glorious sunrise, azure skies, fields of grain
the colors of autumn, misty morning dew
a baby’s chuckle, a mother’s hug
the voice of a friend, the kiss of  a  lover
the comforts of home, the music of birdsong
the patter of raindrops, the joy of  first snow
Awareness of abundance


  1. "an abundance of gifts left unopened in our headlong race"
    The details in this poem are magical, especially book-ended with "Lost." After this poem, one cannot not see!

  2. I think that too many hoard abundance that get in the way for what's real.

  3. "wishing for an abundance we cannot see"

    I love the hope and promise of that line!

  4. the simple exists - as it must - and does - and yet we chase rainbows for the stars, when all we have to do, is stop playing the fool - and be open to the now, as it unfolds -
    in the end, we can't take any of it with us when we depart, so why such heavily burdened hearts ... always on the go ....

    wonderful words ... and simple truths ... life is already rich and abundant - we don't have to seek beyond for what is always waiting ...

  5. Ah, this is something everyone can relate to in one way or the other. All those beautiful things that you mention have such significance in our lives and are worthy of being cherished. But, like you say, "an abundance of gifts left unopened in our headlong race". That seems to be the case most often.
    Well penned! :-)

  6. Slow down indeed. Theres and abu dance of roses to smell. Nice one Bev

    Thanks for dropping by my sumi-e Sunday today


  7. YES! this is Truth, well said.......we are surrounded by abundance, but have forgotten to notice...........wonderful, Bev.

  8. This, I think, is a bit of a departure for you, Beverly (you are so gifted with humour and rhyme) - and what a fantastic poem this is. I love it! We spend so much of our lives in a preoccupied fog, oblivious to the lovely subtleties all around us, that make life worth living. You have expressed this so beautifully here - the folly and sadness of proceeding through our days, with such unmindful haste. Wonderful writing!

  9. I like the way you emphasize " abundance we cannot see..." It's easy (at least for me) to slip into autopilot & almost let media images form lazy metaphors of what abundance might be rather than recognizing it as it comes. Lovely reminder. :)

  10. Very moving. We all seek something, it seems, though we have so much. We are not satisfied with the life we have, have an emptiness inside, and we keep looking for something we will never find. So sad, but so human.

  11. wishing for an abundance we cannot see
    to fill the longing we cannot name... beautiful.

  12. Oh this is so gorgeously worded, Beverly!❤️

  13. True...we have lost the plot,missed the show and we only get one shot at it.
    I completely forgot my oil change...Thanks:)

  14. Wonderful contrast between the franticness of the first verse and the warm, real joys in the second.