Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Tuesday Poetics, and Lillian asks that our
Writing be preceded by these three words
“Once upon a …” and we cannot use the
word time.   What an opportunity!
Submitted to dVerse Tuesday Poetics
October 30, 2018

Once upon the castle parapet
Sat the fair Damsel Lillibet
Wondering which knight to kiss, which to spurn
Praying for wisdom of which way to turn
Puzzles and princes, lily pads and frogs
Enigmas, conundrums and pollywogs
Dilemmas encountered for reasons obscure
Such is the life of the Damsel demure



  1. If I remember the story correctly, she should probably kiss that frog.

  2. oh that damsel is spoiled for choice! lovely take on the once upon!

  3. This was fun to read, I'm with Frank I think she should kiss the frog.

  4. You had me chuckling at the lyrical list .... but a frog isn't a toad, but in the end, a kiss is a kiss - and well, let's just hope, Lillibet decided to follow her heart, even for not kissing the frog!

  5. Wellllllllll.....makes me think I should take on the nickname Lillibet instead of Lill! :) Sipping my morning elixir, strong coffee, I'm enjoying your take on the prompt here. Ah the choices damsels must make! :)

  6. Oh we all must make these choices! Wonderful to read!

  7. In some upside down way, men think they are in charge, but in truth we chase a woman until she catches us.

  8. Choices.... choices....which way to turn?😊

  9. Well, this is a fun conundrum for the sweet Princess Lillibet!

  10. I think kissing the pollywog would be considered child molest... stick to frogs dear damsel.

  11. I enjoyed this. What a fun problem Princess Lilibet has. I don't think I'd wish to have that though. :-)


  12. Decisions, decisions! This was a fun read. :)