Thursday, March 7, 2019


Open Link Night #238 and
Grace is our gracious hostess.
Here’s the result of a recent
midnight epiphany.
Submitted to dVerse Open Link
March 7, 2019

I’m a woman with a word fetish
I’m the rhymer in the room
I know little about iambic pentameters
and the vaunted, dread pantoum
My poems just sort of come to me
simple little rhymes, ‘tis true
but I’ve learned to appreciate
the haibun and haiku
I find it’s quite constricting
to fuss with ABBA or such
trying to make my rhymes fit
annoys me pretty much
I admit I’m  old and cranky
but I think I would be worse
if I hadn’t become enlightened
 when I chose to visit dVerse


  1. Love the idea of a 'word fetish' Beverly - that notion has never crossed my mind before!

  2. Oh yes, I loved this; every clever line. And you echo the mantra for so many of us, writing to a classic form as a challenge, looking for hints for our own evolving styles.

  3. Ryhme away or not, its fun to stretch and fuss over words and forms. Thanks for being part of our dVerse community Bev.

  4. Both witty and "rhymey" - nicely done.

  5. Let your own voice be heard, it is what makes you unique!

  6. I agree this was witty and clever poem. Enjoyed reading this piece.

  7. And also the alliterater (if that's a word) with this phrase: "rhymer in the room".

  8. I'm with you - a word fetish without the form.

  9. Your voice is clear and always appreciated. I'm also glad to have stumbled into the dVerse community.
    Jade Li

  10. I enjoyed every word of this poem, Bev, especially the opening line and ‘the vaunted, dread pantoum’! I’m glad you chose to visit dVerse.

  11. This is so lovely!❤️ And yes where would we be indeed without the dVerse poets community! Cheers!

  12. Ha.. yes we each have our own version of loving poems... and rhymes is not a bad way to do it.

  13. :-) :-) I like your humor. Almost always, it shines in your poems. :-)