Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Prosery #3...a story with beginning and end
to include up to or exactly 144 words
including the phrase "You will love again the
stranger who was yourself" from the poem "Love
After Love".   After being rebellious, I am
shamed into having a go at it.
There was a huge celestial problem.  Cloud Keeper seemed to have lost her sense of self and was dispensing clouds indiscriminately. The sun, moon and stars formed a coalition to negotiate with her to be more responsible, and work with their schedules.  The sun complained that the storm clouds were loosed on the very day he planned to ripen peaches in Georgia, and the moon grumbled they ruined the romantic moonlit evening he’d planned for lovers in Hawaii.  The fat-bellied clouds rained all over picnics, parades and ballgames, and the fluffy white clouds hid the handle of the Big Dipper and turned the Milky Way into a pit stop resulting in celestial chaos.   The coalition issued the Cloud Keeper a mandate … “You will learn to love again the stranger who was yourself” or it will be necessary to give you a 30-day notice.


  1. Oh Bev, I didn’t mean to shame you! Thanks for coming back with some prose. I love how you’ve taken it to heaven and a small Cloud Keeper rebellion! I enjoyed your celestial chaos very much, especially the fat-bellied clouds that ‘rained all over picnics, parades and ballgames, and the fluffy white clouds turning the ‘Milky Way into a pit stop’.

  2. This was wonderful... love that you came back with a real story. I am happy that there is some heavenly order so that cloud-keeper should be a little bit more restrictive in the future.