Monday, August 19, 2019


Kim offers Prosery #3 in which we're to
write a story in the genre of our choice,
with beginning and end, up to or exactly
144 words, including the words "love after love".
I find my folksy style doesn't lend itself
very well to structure. Forgive me, fellow
poets, I seem to be a bit of a
rebel, but here are my thoughts …...

It’s always given me pleasure
To create my little rhymes
Happy mindless ditties
Even sad ones sometimes

Sometimes I write of love
After love has passed me by 
I try to remember passionate times
God knows I really try.

Tumbling through my head
Words fall into their place
Leaving me contented
With a smile upon my face
I guess I’m a free spirit
A rebel, if you may
Try to put me in a box
And you’ve surely spoiled my day

Telling me how to place my words
And where to end a line
Leaves me quite determined
To write not that way but mine

Instructions leave me speechless
I just don’t have the knack
For wrestling ten pounds of words
Into a five pound sack                        


  1. Cute graphic and cute dittie that could easily be sung. You rebel you!

  2. LOL, what rebellious fun!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog today Bev


  3. I enjoyed your rebel rhyme, Bev, and identify with the lines:
    ‘Tumbling through my head
    Words fall into their place
    Leaving me contented
    With a smile upon my face’.
    I’m not trying to put you in a box here, or tell you how to place your words, but this Monday is prosery, when we write 144 words of prose, including a specified line taken from the poem ‘Love After Love:
    ‘You will love again the stranger who was your self’.

    1. Ah, Kim, I knew I was being irreverent and obstinate. Bless your sweet heart for being tolerant. It was that stranger who was myself that made me do it!

  4. Ha... sometimes we have to be rebellious... still I challenge you to put the given line into rhymed poetry.

    1. Actually, Bjorn, I thought I had, but I misunderstood that we were to use "love after love" instead of the phrase FROM "Love After Love". Perhaps, after my rebellious vent, I'll try a prosery.

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  6. You've earned the right to be yourself! Well put.