Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Tuesday Poetics.  We’re given three
Poems from international artists from
which to chose for inspiration.  I’ve
chosen “Migratory Birds” by a
Serbian poet.  I felt it could also apply
to the special relationships in our lives.
Submitted to dVerse
August 12, 2019 

Southward we fly
in answer to a genetic message
old as rime.

To my right, my wingman
long time friend
and trusted companion

For many years
we’ve made this journey
side by side

We cry our joy
to those below

A gunshot sounds
my wingman falters
and plummets earthward

Onward I fly
and scream my grief
Farewell, my friend

All the journeys
yet to come
will never be the same.


  1. The journey ending in such a way has to be devastating... and they say that swans can only sing at death

  2. Anyone who says animals don't have feelings is just trying to excuse our tyrannical behaviour. Love this, Beverly.

  3. oh this touches a sad spot - starts off so well and bright rather like the original
    "We cry our joy
    to those below"

  4. This tears me apart, Beverly. line i love: "a genetic message old as rime"

  5. A beautiful rewrite of this poem. I love the dark story that came alive!

  6. A sad tale of a violent world...

  7. Another wonderful poem from the point of view of a bird, Bev – I felt I was flying with this migrating flock, answering the ‘genetic message old as time’ – and I felt the grief at the loss of the wingman.

  8. To hunt for "sport"--something I will never understand.

  9. “All the journeys
    yet to come
    will never be the same.”

    You made me cry. This poem is so beautiful and so sad.