Thursday, August 22, 2019


Open Link #249.  Here are my
observations of the eternal
male/female dilemma.
Submitted to dVerse
August 22, 2019
Men’s heads are full of knowledge
They fix cars and TVs and clocks
But when it’s time to get dressed
They cannot find their socks
They’re wizards of culinary talent
In the backyard barbeque
But ask them to boil water
And they don’t know what to do.
Their toolboxes are models of neatness
And their fishing gear just so
But, once inside the house,
They strew things to and fro
They are strong, stalwart and silent
And brave for all to see
But hand them a screaming infant
And they’re terrified as can be
Quite often they’re tough and unyielding
No challenge ever too much
Other times they’re tender and caring
And hungry for a loving touch
They ogle with obvious pleasure
Each sweet young thing on the street
But if their lady’s eyes should wander
They say things we can’t repeat.

On the other hand we have the female
Man’s helpmate here on this earth
Oh, how can they ever question
Our immeasurable worth
When they’re comfy with beer and ballgame
Why does the reason have to be proved
That we cannot wait one minute
To have the furniture moved.
When their space allotted in the closet
Is approximately one foot square
Why do they question our statement
“I haven’t a thing to wear!”
One day we say “Is THAT all you think of
Can’t you see I must go to the store
The next we say “You didn’t kiss me
Don’t you love me anymore?”
We know bridge with the girls is harmless
For we are wonderfully wise
Why don’t they understand it’s different
Than poker with the guys?

I’m sure God’s still searching for blueprints
And mumbling “Now what was my plan?
Could it be I was elsewise distracted
When I thought to create woman for man?"


  1. Ha! I once saw a tee shirt that read: God created man but she was only joking. Good humor in this Bev!

  2. Ha, painfully accurate, Beverly.....and my tool box is far from neat!

  3. Oh you made me giggle with this. I think you know much about men and women, Bev!

  4. Ha.. it's a good thing that stereotypes are getting more and more rare, I think it's time for us both to realize we re not living in caves anymore.

    1. Quite right, Bjorn. Young fathers today are much more adept at household duties and child care, and young mothers today have assumed the role of sharing wage earning.

  5. I like this wry look at the Mars/Venus conundrum - I'm sure God is having the last laugh at how we fumble and tumble across the divide

  6. Love the humor in this, and the reality. Help mate? If they thought they even needed any, now that would be a start!

  7. If only it were that simple...

  8. I find the differences to be intriguing and often question the wiring! I guess it's a good balance, but I love to see fathers of the children in our preschool as nurturing, involved parents instead of just providing for them.

    1. Me too, Mish, and I see young fathers becoming much more involved than in days of old. Times they are a-changin' !

    2. Me too, Mish. I see a lot of young fathers becoming more involved with their children, and it's so good to see. Times they are a-changin' !

  9. Love this--I'm still laughing. But, if only my man's tool box (i.e. garage) was perfectly neat.

  10. There is still a chasm between the genders in so many ways, but thankfully there are bridges that can be built across it. I liked the humor in your poem, Beverly.

  11. I read it with a smile on my face. :)
    Have a lovely week!