Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Poets United Midweek Motif
asks us to consider saints.  I’ve
chosen to think of the anonymous
ones among us, who quietly make
a difference.
Submitted to Poets United
November 1, 2017

There are anonymous saints among us
Who ask not for reward or acclaim
Their faces and forms are varied
Most likely they’ll not achieve fame.

Their small acts of kindness are many
As they quietly make their way
Sometimes they just only listen
Sometimes they have much to say.

They observe their fellow life travelers
Seeming to find those in need
And in ways that are humble and subtle
Leave their legacy of kind word and deed

And when their time is ended
And they reach the Pearly Gate
St. Peter will wave them inward
For anonymous saints there’s no wait. 


  1. "Leave their legacy of kind word and deed"
    I know a few of these. You describe them well.

  2. I would have to agree, there are many and we don't hear enough about them,


  3. I loved your take here on them Beverly. Great indeed. Happy All Saints today and All Souls tomorrow.

  4. "And in ways that are humble and subtle
    Leave their legacy of kind word and deed"....Here 'humble' & 'subtle' are such saintly words.

  5. So true that there are a lot of anonymous saints among us. And we ourselves may be those 'anonymous' saints to others we meet along our path as well. But with God we are not anonymous for sure!

  6. Very good, Bev! I like that the saints don't have to wait!

  7. Lovely words Bev, I do hope there is no wait for them.

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  9. The ultimate reward will be what they receive when the race is done. Earthly fame is so fleeting, it would not be worth it. Though the saints usually aren't even motivated by the eternal reward, but in the blessing of giving themselves away.

  10. I agree with X - the reward is in the giving.......I love your poem, especially the closing stanza.

  11. Leaving a legacy: I think that's the mark of a true saint.

  12. Beverley,

    A great earthly journey...leaving an example behind..Love the early-boarding option!!Eileen

  13. A wonderful poem and so true, Bev!